About Flaveur Breads

Here at Flaveur, we are passionate about bread making and pride ourselves on baking New Zealand’s tastiest and healthiest artisan breads.

Flaveur Breads commenced baking on a farm in Te Puke. Due to the lack of availability of healthy, tasty breads in New Zealand demand soon required the set-up of a bakery in Mt Maunganui. Now we are among New Zealand’s favourite slow-fermented, sourdough and artisan bakeries. We specialise in healthy breads. Most of our products have a specific health benefit such as Gluten Free, Low GI, easy to digest, pro-biotic, low sugar, wheat free, high mineral or fibre.

Flaveur have been long-standing participants in the local Farmers Market’s and occasional events.

Based in Mt Maunganui, Flaveur uses the finest organic and non-organic ingredients to produce a complete range of delicious breads, including gluten free bread, sourdough, multigrain, raisin, rye and spelt and other traditional breads. We offer fresh bread delivery NZ wide.

We also now have a Bakery Café 2 Go where you can watch the breads being made, meet the bakers and find the bread that best suits your needs. We are also the home of Havana Organic Coffee in the Bay. Perhaps a tart or croissant to go with your coffee. We are close to the popular Mt Maunganui or Pilot Bay beaches where you can take your food and coffee to relax and enjoy.

About Real Bread

All our breads are 'slow-rise' breads and contain no chemicals, additives or artificial flavours. Our organic sourdough fermentation has matured over 12 years and is refreshed daily. All our doughs are fermented between 8 and 24 hours - slowly and naturally, using traditional methods and our special recipes. This slow-rise fermentation process harnesses the nutrition within wholegrains, cereals, seeds and olive oil.

Our leaven gradually transforms our dough and ensures a wholesome, nutritious and delicious food experience. Flaveur bread lowers the glycemic index and raises levels of folate, making the gluten digestible and the nutrients more available. Many customers find the breads make them feel less bloated and agree with their metabolic needs. Sourdough has great keeping qualities and freezing is also an excellent option.


Most of our breads have our organic leaven as their basis and we use mostly organic ingredients. We do not use exclusively organic ingredients and do not claim our breads or our company is certified organic. Product labels list the ingredients and only those breads that contain all organic are listed as organic.

We are currently in the process of applying for Organic Certification. We believe our processes, cleaning, pest control, recycling, energy use and packaging comply with the standards and expectations of the certifying body however this will be verified once certification is confirmed.